i.t.s. has developed a general production process for going about the completion of contracted tasks. While all projects are different, the organization and development of project elements to achieve set goals often follow a similar format.

The process usually begins with a comprehensive conceptualization phase. An information gathering session is held with the client in order to obtain all the required content and ideas relating to the project. It is important at this point to establish a concise understanding of what is to be included and what needs to be achieved. This way it can be organized properly and nothing is left out.

Information gathering is just as important as a development itself. It lays solid framework and insures that everyone involved in the project is clear as to what the final result will be. After all the items to be included are determined and organized, brainstorming will begin on the possible solutions for the projects objectives. Ideas are then proposed.

Once all elements are agreed upon, their development begins. When all the required features and/or work are determined acceptable by the client, they are distributed via the projects given media outlet.