The End is Near for Joomla 3

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Well, that headline is half true. Joomla 4 development is plugging along, with a beta release expected in 3rd Quarter 2018, and a stable release slated for the end of 2018. While it's an important milestone, there's no need for panic. Joomla 3.x will continue getting support (security patches, bug fixes, etc.) for 2 years following the release of Joomla 4, leaving ample time to make plans for the upgrade.

Having said that, version 4 will ship with some big changes, and is absolutely an update plan for sooner than later. As a developer, the biggest news for me is the shift from Bootstrap-based templates to CSS Grid. Both use a system of rows and columns, but CSS Grid takes the design out of the code. For further reading, check the details about Joomla 4 at

If you use Joomla, we encourage meeting with us to discuss and plan for the upgrade. It is also a good opportunity to talk about a redesign, if your site is aging or has not been updated in some time, but who would do such a thing?

Joomla 3.5 Update Includes Some Short But Sweet Changes

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Joomla has an update expected out in approximately two weeks, coming in the form of version 3.5.

The popular premium template developer Gavick has a blog post detailing a number of the new features & changes set for release with the update. A couple are helpful as a site administrator - you can set up the site to send notification of updates by email to admins, and the categories will now show how many items they contain. But the coolest and most practical has to be the updated TinyMCE editor.

To this point, I have found the TinyMCE editor a bit lacking, even for basic needs, and have installed the popular JCE Editor. One complaint is how unfriendly inserting an image is - there's just a field to enter a URL for the file. Not very practical. The release coming will have a tab for selecting an existing image, and another tab for uploading a new one. The coolest part? You can also just drag an image right into the editor, and it will be uploaded and placed right where it's dropped. Files will go to the default images folder. Not for the neatest authors, but certainly quick and easy.

Server 2003 Support to End 7/15/15

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What Windows Server 2003 End of Support (EOS) Means to you... 

Beginning July 14, 2015, customers using Windows Server 2003 will no longer receive critical updates or patch protection. Now is the time to begin discussing and planning for it's replacement before it becomes mission critical.

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Final Release of Joomla 2.5

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A little over a week ago, the final update for Joomla's version 2.5 was released. Support for the version is set to end on December 31, 2014. The version will continue to work but will not receive further patches to fix bugs or security holes nor add features to the system. The update to move forward to Joomla 3 is much easier than 1.5 to 2.5, having been built with better compatibility. If you are running on 2.5 you will surely hear from us soon. Read more on the news here:

Happy Thanksgiving from i.t.s.!

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The snow is here and coming down steadily. Be safe everyone, and have a great Thanksgiving!

i.t.s. Supports the C.A.F.E.

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i.t.s. inc. is proud to be one of the supporters for the Coxsackie-Athens Foundation Gala that is taking place Saturday, October 25, 2014 at 5:30pm at The Owls Hoot Barn here in Coxsackie.

We have contributed a Dell Optiplex 9020, 23 inch All-In-One computer with 4th Generation Intel Processer, 8 GB Ram, 500 GB hard Drive, with Windows 8 Pro. The computer comes with 5 year warranty from Dell, on-site set up from i.t.s. Come out and enjoy a fun night out!

Pushing Updates to Social Channels

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Are you a social butterfly? Our news will now be pushed out to Facebook and Twitter automatically. If you're like us, running a site as well as social media channels, talk to us about connecting them. Write once in one place and let technology do the sharing & publishing work for you! Think of all the time you'll free up to watch cat videos on YouTube.

Quarterly Maintenance Package and Monitoring

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We now offer a service plan for web site updates & maintenance! Many web sites these days are built in a CMS (content management system) such as WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal. A CMS is a great way for small businesses or individuals to be able to edit & add to their own site without needing to know how to code. However, failing to apply updates can lead to a number of issues.

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